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Roots was an Idea from our peer Alison Alison Quintero, She has a brother in the autism spectrum. He studies everyday with a specialist how to understand the world.

The people who are un this Spectrum has problem with verbal communication. The world has a lot of information and it becames into a chaos for them. For this reason The pictograms was created.

The pictograms are graphical and simple representations which shows actions, objects, pronoms with simple images. With this, Alison’s brother can create sentences.

And with the platform we became this images into a digital tool for latins speakers

We are a team of 5 persons, Santiago Mendieta, has previous knowledge with firebase and the back-end, Manuel Torres, has abilities with the back-end, Alison and Andres, has experience with the front, end, and I did the research for the information.

Roots became into a high-impact social project, and the presentation was an example of this, Here, you could see a demonstration of what can Alison do with canvas and a lot of creativity

Demo Roots

First, one of the first challenges was to create an forum, but the idea was deprecated because the time and the complexity, After that, we think about a dashboard, but the idea has no utilities, and after that, we redo the project as a tool for the kid.

The second Challenge was the new technologies, firebase is one of the all service that google cloud has and it’s so difficult to understand all the information. Firebase, is a Backend as a service or (BaaS) which include all the information and connections internally. These mean that us as developers don’t need to think about connect the front-end with the back-end. We don’t need to think about load balancers, configure monitors, etc.

It’s curious, my first approach to server was heroku, and after that was aws, and now was firebase, I didn’t go deep but, heroku as SaaS can help with free projects, It’s easy to create a new independent project. AWS with the EC2 gives me an empty machine which is awesome, but I only can get one. It gives me more freedom with what can I do, but at the same time I only can do whatever I want with one machine. And the Firebase is considerably more simple, but you need to understand every connection. and has limitation with language. It’ could be interesting work with this service.

React in other hand can give us a better user experience because the user load all the page and all the information. And for these reason it can helps to the user experience in the page navigation.

The end

And this was the story. If you want to know more about my other projects check my pages

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