Holberton School and The Low-Level Algorithms

How processes interact with the virtual memory

Every time that you run a program on your PC, bash,vim, photoshop, chromeor matlab, the executable or binary file and the variables must be loaded, the question is where.

Many people think that they are in the R.A.M. But it’s not totally correct, because sometimes they are loaded on the…

One of my most beautiful experience

How to setup my Ubuntu

One of the most beautiful experiences in holberton

Resolver warning de perl

Resolver el problema de la zona horaria

Actualizar vim8

Actualizar gdb

Roots was an Idea from our peer Alison Alison Quintero, She has a brother in the autism spectrum. He studies everyday with a specialist how to understand the world.

The people who are un this Spectrum has problem with verbal communication. The world has a lot of information and it…

Tutorial valgrind

Lets start talking about the What happen to the RAM when you execute your program.

Measure the memory

the command free will show you the free memory in the system

and with the flag --si

Recursion, Holberton

What is a recursion In C

Let’s start with a simple definition of Recursion

«A thing is defined in terms of itself or of its type»

— Wikipedia

But what it means. Well, Let’s keep simple «It’s like search a word in a dictionary and find the word in the definition»

In these days that we…

TL;DR — Enable Emacs shortcuts (PS6 & PS7)


Open PowerShell and run this 4 lines

use Ctrl+p to search into history to check the change was done


  1. Set RemoteSigned into ExcecutionPolicy for CurrentUser
  2. mkdir creates the $PROFILE directory

What happens when you type `gcc main.c`

Short answer: A new execute file born…

That’s all, now you can close the page.

… bye …

I don’t expect that you still here, but if you are like me and this answer is simple and tasteless, and it only gives you another question … what suppose to be an execute file?

Well, keep reading

Maybe you are reading this article with a web explorer like chrome, firefox or safari, or Let’s think about your favorite writing program or your favorite pdf reader.

What happens when you type ls *.c

ls is a command Written by Richard M. Stallman and David MacKenzie. Yes, our favorite Hippe creator of the GNU project.

The philosophy of Unix is that “everything is a file”, and the ls command applies it. This command searches in the directory and list the files founded in a…

Gustavo Adolfo Mejía

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